Overviews & Reports.

Real-time reports play a crucial role in the operations of accounting and auditing firms.


Valuable insights and analysis.

Reports help you make informed decisions and enhance overall efficiency.

By having access to reliable data, firms can better advise their clients on financial matters, assess risks, and identify growth opportunities.

Streamline operations.

By automating data collection, consolidation, and reporting processes, these reports save valuable time and reduce manual errors. Real-time access means firms can respond quickly to client inquiries and allocate resources more effectively.

Enhanced service offerings.

Deliver more value to clients and stay competitive in a rapidly changing business landscape with our in-app reports.

Our reports include:

  • Billing
  • Staff time worked
  • Revenue & Profit
  • Time worked per client
  • Vat Returns Overview
  • Many More…
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I definitely recommend this. It’s simple, efficient and effective.


I have been using DataGrows now for almost 6 months. Best decision I could have made to track tasks and staff tasks!