Automated Emails.

Send bulk communication to various client groups based on due dates or selected services. DataGrows allows you to change the text in an email, making the communication personal and relevant.

Client Management.

Manage all client information within one app. You no longer need multiple spreadsheets or apps to keep track of all the information you need.

Workflow Automation.

Tasks are scheduled and will continue to be scheduled based on the information you have given and the services that you select.

Real-Time Reporting.

All the live reports you need to make informed decisions.

Document Management.

Securely store and manage all your documents in one centralised location. Easily access and share files with clients and team members.

SARS and CIPC Day Counter.

Our SARS and CIPC tasks come with a day counter to help track when a submission is due or can be escalated.

Upselling to Clients.

We analyse each client and suggest additional services that you could offer. This also helps ensure that all the correct services are selected so that a deadline is not overlooked.

To-Do List Dashboard.

Each staff member can view all upcoming and overdue tasks from a single screen, helping them to plan their week. Management oversight is easily achieved.

Automated Timekeeping Per Task.

Time is easily tracked in the app as you work, so manual timesheets no longer need to be compiled at the end of each month.

Share Registers & Share Certificates.

Manage share registers and generate share certificates in seconds, live in the app.

CIPC Beneficial Ownership.

DataGrows schedules this declaration according to the anniversary of each client’s registration. Capture Beneficial Owner details to create automatic organograms and registers as supporting documents.

Upskill Your Entire Team.

DataGrows encourages a macro management environment where staff are self-reliant and take ownership of their clients and due dates. We built a tool that helps you assess the skill level of each team member across various tasks and helps create a hierarchy of knowledge to take pressure off the business owner to train and support staff.

Frequently asked questions.

Spreadsheets are great for once-off lists and tasks but are not interactive or scalable. They drastically impair business growth if used to keep track of too many clients and tasks. DataGrows allows you to automate tasks and gain insights from data to increase performance and efficiency.

While spreadsheets require intensive setup for each new client and each new financial year. DataGrows does the bulk of the work for you. You don’t need to remember all the deadlines and keep multiple spreadsheets up to date. Our app does all of that for you so you can continue to focus on the actual work.

Access control allows you to restrict user access. Staff will have up-to-date access to all tasks assigned to them and know precisely what is required of them. Management can see all tasks at all times, so they know exactly what is happening in the firm.

Your data is securely behind firewalls in the Microsoft Azure cloud. Backups are made automatically every evening. Please refer to our POPIA documentation and Privacy Policy for more.