Four people crunching numbers to make money

The ideal way for auditors and accountants to keep track of client tasks and due dates:

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Four people crunching numbers to make money

This CRM system will optimize the way you manage your firm.

“I was able to import data in minutes. The various selections then populate task tables automatically. I can’t believe how easy it has been to use DataGrows!”

Mariska Fernhout
Fernhout & Betz Accounting
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Our app allows you to enter client details quickly. Tasks are then automatically created based on the selected entity type, and reminders are set.

For example, by adding a client, selecting that they are a private company, and entering their registration date, the CIPC task table shows when the annual return is due. If a company is selected as a VAT registered and an even vendor, it will indicate that by 15 September, the July/August VAT return is due for the last business day of September.

The system even allows you to assign tasks to specific staff members, assign levels of access, and manage their timelines.

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The added SARS tracking system

Various scenarios for submitting documents to SARS.

A checklist of what has been received.

A list of required documents for various upload cases (with the option to upload directly to DataGrows).

Once you select that it has been submitted to SARS, there is a working day counter so you can follow up and hold them accountable to the turnaround time

The problem is that most existing CRM programs are either too expensive or too generic.

Our system can be adapted to suit your unique style. Without spending hours with database developers who don' know a debit from a credit.

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* A user is an accounting staff member with tasks assigned to them.

Includes Automatic Daily Backups

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R 150 per month per GB

Users included:

Additional users:
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Includes tables for:

  • Clients Details
  • CIPC Annual Returns
  • Financials & Income Tax
  • PAYE
  • Provisional Tax Returns
  • SARS Tasks
  • VAT Returns
Time is money

The true benefit here is the ease with which you create records and make changes.

Whether you are a firm of 1 or 100 accountants, you need this app to change the way you manage your clients.

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