Audit Management.

Scheduling an audit unique to each client and their business structure has never been easier.


Streamline your auditing processes and increase efficiency.

Our system enables you to save time and resources while ensuring the highest quality of work for your clients.

Customisable workflows.

DataGrows has a customisable audit workflow where you can select each applicable lead sheet or section, assign individual staff to each and set separate due dates so that the right sections are completed on time.

  • Staff can time on each task as they work.
  • Set budgets for each audit.
  • Store working papers against the sections for easy review.

Overview Dashboards.

An overview dashboard outlines each task and deadline for every staff member, with space to indicate queries, review notes and report to management issues so that no section is left with loose ends.

Say goodbye to the days of manual documentation and communication. Easily track and manage all aspects of your audits, from planning to execution to finalisation. Don’t settle for outdated and inefficient audit management systems. Trust us, your clients (and your bottom line) will thank you.

Upgrade to our advanced solution today and experience the benefits of a modern, streamlined approach to auditing.

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Say goodbye to the days of manual documentation and communication.

Awesome program, makes practice management easy.


This is developing into an awesome product that is quite capable of knocking other practice management software out of the ballpark.